Wide River Counseling will periodically review books that I have found extremely helpful in my practice. I am glad that my first blog post is reviewing ADHD- Living Without Breaks by Martin L Kutscher, MD. This eight chapter book is Dr. Kutscher’s approach to treating Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder developed from his 30 years working as a pediatric neurologist. It is the central guide to Wide River’s understanding and approach to the treatment of ADHD.

Overall this book is easy to read. It took me 2 hours.  It is well organized. The author provides lists and writes in a way that makes the complicated simple. The design of the book is as follows: each chapter provides important information about ADHD and its treatment. At the end of the chapter there is a short story about a child with ADHD and his/her parents and then a short quiz asking the reader what they would should do in the situation. The book is designed for those of us that like visual aids. It has graphs, charts, and cartoons. There is even a chapter that a child can read which can can help them understand ADHD. Topics covered in the book include medication options/management, solutions to manage behavior, positive discipline, educational and other mental health related subjects.

Besides being easy to read and easy to apply to life, I really appreciate this writer’s call for grace and patience when working with children. Many times when facing behavioral challenges we want something “fixed” immediately- when the reality is that our impatience and resentment can worsen a child’s ADHD symptoms.  The writer also encourages us to see beyond a child’s medical diagnosis.  Often people get “married” to their child’s diagnosis- believing it to be the cause of all their child’s problems. They assume that a right diagnosis is the solution to all their problems. This is far from the truth. We are not robots. We are walking, idiosyncratic, biological bundles of energy. No cookbook solution will ever solve all our problems.

Kutscher gives direction to help discover solutions related to ADHD problems and at the same time encourages us to appreciate our child’s strengths. To actually get a kick out of our kiddos.  He encourages us to enjoy our children and develop our relationships even when they struggle. I find this invaluable. I  have to remind myself to enjoy my own children and I know that this sort of relationship that is the foundation of all healing. I really encourage you to order this fairly cheap book from Amazon or check it out from the public library. It is a must have. Of course  If you or your child are in need of help with ADHD symptoms or assessment- Wide River Counseling takes a comprehensive approach in counseling people through the treatment process. Send me a message through this website or call my schedulers. The number is provided in contacts and we will do our best to get you the help you need.


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